Caroline Oliver
Caroline Oliver 22 March 2013

The Ve Interactive Feedback Loop

Ve Interactive discuss how data acts as the vital feedback required for analyse and therefore forward plan digital campa

Yesterday we posted on the advantage that specialists have. In Ve’s case it is the acumen that our feedback loop generates, the result of working with multiple clients across multiple sectors, within the very specific niche of online efficiency. Generalists however, whilst perfectly capable of delivering what the customer asked for, don’t necessarily deliver what they needed, because all the planning generally happens upfront and there isn’t enough of a feedback loop to verify that what is being done is qualitatively good, or relevant anymore. Technologies after all have a short shelf life.
The Ve Interactive feedback loop supports our work on both the individual (client) level and the market level. Here’s how:

The abandoned basket information we capture for our clients provides evidence.
This gets contextualised, creating opportunities for action
Re-engagement/remarketing campaigns and website optimisation
The generation of feedback for interrogation, measurement and adaptation to stimulate and accelerate new ideas, design decisions, and the invention of new technologies, as well as generate industry performance insight and statistical benchmarking information.
The ability for our company to continually strive to maximise our clients’ online efficiency and to be able to respond positively to market and regulation changes.  It’s this continual feedback loop from across the world that informs our client base and sets the wheels in motion for us to develop supplementary new technologies, so that way we are always building for our clients’ futures and not for their past.

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