Building Your Brand with Interactive Marketing Methods

If you own a business, you know the importance of a strong marketing strategy. Even the best, most unique product cannot

If you own a business, you know the importance of a strong marketing strategy. Even the best, most unique product cannot succeed without getting the word out about it. Without this strategy you will not get the attention, or the customers, that you need or deserve.


However, competing in the arena of the fast paced Internet and marketing advertising, you likely need some original ideas to boost your sales. Additionally, interactive marketing methods provide you an avenue to reach potential new customers with the information about your brand or business.


Some of the following interactive marketing techniques will ensure that your business receives the notoriety necessary for success.




An interactive marketing strategy is essential for your item to be visible and get the attention that it deserves. Your strategy should take into consideration the following factors:

  • How much of the marketing you do will be through personal contact, how much will be online, and how much will be with local advertising methods.
  • How much of your marketing budget is dedicated to the mobile and online tools for your business.

It is important to ensure that you utilize the interactive marketing of social media, apps and, of course, your website. You have to remember, no matter how much technology is involved, personal conversation is essential to meeting your customer’s expectations.


Your Website


When it comes to making a connection with your customers, your website is the first impact you will have. Take a cue from Their site appeals to people and encourages them to make an account. When the customer is logged on the site will track everything they do. While this may not be feasibly possible with your site, you can use some of the interactive strategies from Google Analytics. These are free services that will allow you to track the different activity on your site. For example, you can see what items your customers are clicking on, how they arrive at your site and which of your pages they look at. This allows you to optimize your website to what your customers want.


Social Media


Social media sites have changed the face of marketing. However, a decade ago it was tailored responses to each comment or customer. Due to the influx of auto-responders and the need to be “relevant,” many companies have opted for generic responses that are actually hurting their social media presence. It is important to be present, engage your followers or customers and appeal to what your customer’s want – which is not an over-salesy pitch that provides no information or engaging content. Social media is by far one of the most powerful tools when it comes to interactive marketing, however when use improperly it can be just as hurtful as it is beneficial.


Search Engine Marketing


SEM is extremely important for interactive marketing. This is the how your website is found when key terms are searched for. For example, if you sell tires, you would want terms associated with tires to bring searchers to your page. You can pay for advertisements that will allow your page to appear at the top of searches each time the word “tires” is searched for.


Interactive marketing can be a powerful tool to build your website presence and visibility. It is important to optimize your page in order to appeal to your customers and provide an interactive experience that they will enjoy.

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