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Training: eCommerce Strategy - London

Training: eCommerce Strategy - London

Develop the skills and confidence to devise and implement an eCommerce strategy that gets results in the face of ever-changing technology and consumer expectation.

You will learn to:

  • Develop insights from customers and competitors to help you interpret customer behaviour
  • Understand the components of great eCommerce user experience and how best to create it
  • Effectively market your website to attract more of the right customers
  • Identify and use the tools that most effectively measure and optimise your customer experience
  • Develop a robust testing strategy and prepare for the future

Aiden Carroll F IDM

Aiden Carroll started out his career intending to be called to the Bar, but fell in love with media along the way.

From early forays into public relations and television, Aiden became an award-winning brand strategist. He believes that brands live and die on their presence and has convinced some very recognisable clients and agencies that this is the case, including Google, Barclays, WPP and Hilary Clinton.

Aiden’s fruitful and periodically globe-trotting career has seen him work with numerous brands in shaping and delivering their digital and advertising strategies.

His work appears in multiple publications from The Independent to The San Francisco Chronicle and he talks and trains constantly, mainly in London & Hong Kong, making a habit of saying yes to interesting opportunities.

Programme: (1 day course)


  • Course agenda and scope
  • Setting the scene - UK and Global trends
  • The growing importance of mobile
  • B2B and why you should treat businesses like consumers

Understand your customers

  • The importance of building for customers first
  • The psychology of selling, what makes people buy and how to influence them
  • Don’t forget to actually talk to customers (you are probably already doing this anyway
  • What customers are typically looking for and what they most want to see improved
  • Tools and tips to measure site performance and customer behaviour

Understand the market

  • How to size the market
  • Tools and tips to benchmark your site against the competition
  • Who’s doing it well – some examples
  • The key barriers to success and how other businesses have overcome them

Create a great user experience

  • The importance of visual design to build trust and engagement
  • Simplicity is THE most important principle
  • Mobile first and the case for apps v responsive v adaptive design
  • How to cater for multi-device users
  • The core components and best practice for each of: Header and footer, site search, navigation and filter, home page, section/landing pages, product pages and basket
  • Product versus offer – when, where and how to cross sell and up sell (pre, during and post checkout)
  • How to make a slick checkout process, and the case for having a guest checkout
  • Making it easy for customers to pay
  • Getting customers to register if they don’t want to buy just yet
  • How to use non-product content to add value, without getting in the way of a slick ecommerce experience
  • Personalisation, why it is essential and how to do it well
  • Using location to increase relevancy and how to best implement click and collect
  • Integration with other channels (on and off-line) and how to embrace show-rooming
  • Understanding basket abandonment and how to win back ‘lost’ orders
  • Best ways to manage returns
  • Why you should be up front with service and support – and how to turn issues into opportunities

Market your site

  • Why you should focus on CRM first and acquisition second
  • Overview of the key channels (on and off line)
  • Getting the right balance between SEO and paid media (PPC and display)
  • The value of social proof (ratings and reviews) and how to get (more of) it
  • Who’s doing CRM well – some more examples
  • How to do cold email without spamming people

Measure everything

  • How to measure the true effect of each channel in a complex, multi-channel world
  • Why tag management is essential
  • How to build an ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics
  • Other essential tools for measuring performance

Get (very) good at failing

  • Why success starts with failure
  • The importance of ‘always on' testing
  • Types of testing (A/B v MVT)
  • How to create a test plan
  • Top tips for your testing strategy

Keep preparing for the future

  • Summary of the key technologies you need right now
  • Why and how to move away from wire-framing to rapid prototyping – some examples
  • Emerging technologies and the implication for eCommerce in the future
  • The importance of an innovation culture, and how to get buy in
  • Using CRIB methodology to build a business case for investment
  • Agencies v brands: who should do what, and your role in this

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