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Sudhakar Atmakuru 6 May 2015
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At What Age Is It Appropriate To Join A Social Network?

It is all started when my 11-year old asked me 'Dad, why can't I have a social media account?'

It is all started when my 11-year old asked me ’Dad, why can’t I have a social media account?’

A basic question to ask as young people witness that we all surf on social media and they want to be apart of it. But, my answer with a concern for child safety and privacy provoked him another question that poked my thought process.

As a typical parent, who is concerned about child privacy and safety in the modern advertisement driven social media, I am not one of those parents who are OK with their children having an email account by faking their age, nor an adult who is OK with his child having an uncontrolled, unmonitored social media access.

In fact, as an IT Solution Designer, I would consider the question as a ’thought provoking’ one. Yes, why not an under-13 can have a worry-free social media access when it is safety-driven privacy-oriented social media account with parental guidance.

Today’s social media sites are wide open for preying eyes from across the globe. All they are open to the user base across the globe as one wide open social network. Hence a media post can be viewed and shared by many beyond the actual poster’s knowledge. A child access to such global social media sites would be very worry-some for many concerned parents like myself. Even adult users are suspicious about their befriending social friends, and not completely sure who is viewing whose posts.

Unlike a globally visible social media account, one bound to a specific geographical area would be an excellent media for local friends and neighbours, so users can search, connect and socialize in their own locality or neighbourhood. It would be easier for users to identify whom they are befriending and who is viewing their posts. Privacy and Security.

When it comes to find something in a local neighbourhood, there are only a few sources bound to neighbourhood. Be it a legal adviser a block away, a baby-sitting nanny around the corner, a small business looking for local help, an organized local event or a socializing group in the local community centre, a neighbour-oriented local social media would be an excellent source of local news, events, community updates and other resourceful info.

A locality based, neighbour oriented social networking site would be an excellent socializing point where people can befriend with a neighbour, organize a local community event, participate in a group of same interest, discuss a local issue, promote a local business, find a local hire, or update the local community with news and information, And a child-friendly local network with all secure privacy controls but NO unsolicited advertisements will be a great relief for all. Convenient, safe and secure.

With the two objectives in mind, the IT-veteran dad designed a new neighbour-oriented all-secure social networking site,, where family, friends, neighbours and children, all can enjoy a safe and secure social media experience. NO advertisements or commercials on the site, nor any user data is sold or shared with any third party, period. is a locality-based neighbour-oriented social networking website, where a socializing user can find and connect with friends and neighbours in the neighbourhood. It is a great place to connect with neighbours. is primarily designed to be an advertisement-free social media website so that user privacy is well respected and user data is never shared with any third party. With an excellent feature for parent users to have their children’s accounts created under their adult account, allows a child user to have his own social media experience while all the social media activity is monitored and controlled by the parent user. Unlike other global social media websites, is localized for every neighbourhood. A city, town or municipal region is a neighbourhood on the website. Providing an excellent social media platform for connecting friends, befriending neighbours, socializing groups, local events, local business listings (with ’help wanted’ signs, if any), community updates from local municipal government, is absolutely safe and secure social media for every neighbourhood.

The prime advantage of a locality based socializing network is that a user would know whom s/he is connected in the neighbourhood and who is viewing whose posts. With no advertisements on user pages, is completely safe for children under-13. Under parental watch, a child user can have all the social media fun as good as an adult user. Since it allows a child user to connect with other child users only, parents would not have any security concern about their children’s befriending social activity on the website.

Meneighbour is not designed to a be revenue engine. or its parent company JT TechnoSoft Inc. does not sell or share the user data with any third party or for unsolicited purposes.

Please check it out at and send your feedback.

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